Collateral Management

We serve as collateral management partners to producers/refiners/manufacturers and cargo financiers to minimize risk exposure while ensuring product safety and quality assurance.

Stock Monitoring

We also offer stock monitoring services using OPTIMAL Inventory Manager. OPTIMAL provides an automated approach to stock monitoring. It features automated reporting and real-time visibility of product movement from source to retailer using GPS technology. Our stock monitoring solution mitigates risks in product movement and minimizes product loss for our clients.

Supply Chain Management

Creating a flexible and responsive supply chain is critical to sensing and responding to customer demand. As global competition escalates, companies seek to reduce manufacturing lead times, increase asset utilization and collaborate better with suppliers. Our supply chain management services help you keep purchasing, manufacturing and distribution aligned.

Application Development

We create solutions for meeting the most challenging IT problems. We leverage current trends in application development (i.e. cloud, mobile) while maintaining scalability, flexibility, and usability.

Industry Served

Oil and Gas